Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MIDIX16 Professional MIDI Routing Matrix

Our in house demo/development unit, now surplus to requirements, comprising 16 input x 20 output modular routing matrix and two Long Haul converters compatible with our Z1 and Z2 converters in a 6U rack mounting case.


The unit is designed to be used in a busy production environment and has fast, user-friendly controls including Solo and Stop which work with MIDI data like Solo and Mute on a mixing console. Full LED indication of status and many advanced features including Panic, MIDI Recall™ and MIDI Monitoring. Full RS232 control from a computer. Programmable function Footswitch jack. Too many features to list, so read the manual 
This unit is refurbished and comes with our normal warrantry. £1250 + shipping (ex VAT).
We might be able to find a couple more modules.
Please use the enquiry form to contact us if interested.

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