Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MIDIX16 Professional MIDI Routing Matrix

Our in house demo/development unit, now surplus to requirements, comprising 16 input x 20 output modular routing matrix and two Long Haul converters compatible with our Z1 and Z2 converters in a 6U rack mounting case.


The unit is designed to be used in a busy production environment and has fast, user-friendly controls including Solo and Stop which work with MIDI data like Solo and Mute on a mixing console. Full LED indication of status and many advanced features including Panic, MIDI Recall™ and MIDI Monitoring. Full RS232 control from a computer. Programmable function Footswitch jack. Too many features to list, so read the manual 
This unit is refurbished and comes with our normal warrantry. £1250 + shipping (ex VAT).
We might be able to find a couple more modules.
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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vintage Synthesizer Chips

An assortment of vintage synthesizer chips is available while supplies last. Quantities are extremely limited. 
When they are gone, they are gone.

Solid State Microtechnology for Music
Type Description Quantity left Price each
SSM2013 Voltage Controlled Amplifier 7 £20-00
SSM2024 Quad transconductance amplifier 1 £25-00
SSM2044 Voltage controlled filter 7 £40-00
SSM2060 Digitally controlled voice 2 £55-00
SSM2300 8 channel multiplexed sample & hold 6 £30-00

Analog Devices
Quantity left
Price each
"DACPort" ┬ÁP compatible DAC                                            

Please use the enquiry form to contact us if interested.